The Premier English Springer Spaniel, Field Trial Web Site, Has been sold. 

Nadine Kohn & Mary Kemper, Are the New owners. 

All E-Mail for the site, will still go to: ess@essft.com 

In 1996 results of Field Trials were starting to appear on the one ESS list,<Spanie-L>. Which contained mostly show people, but more and more field people were starting to subscribe. This was one of the last 'old' lists, which was run by a university, and needed a bit of computerize to get on. 
At that time SITF did a good job of listing results, but that list of results was only published 4 times a year. As the computer age was here, people were expecting a way to have a faster information base, In 1998 I saw a need to get these results to more people, by a more convenient way. So <essft.com> was started. 98 was a fledgling year, with sporadic information. 

In 1999 <essft.com> hit it's stride, and has never looked back. That year was the very first time 95% of the results of Field Trials were posted on a convenient Web Page. No need to subscribe, no complicated efforts to read a list, no need to wade through posts on how to groom a show dog. Just go to a webpage, and it was all there. It was also the first time there was calendar of upcoming field trial dates and Judges, and the first time the ESS Nationals were posted on the web for everyone to see. The Nationals, starting in 1999, were,(and still are) 'real' time. Meaning that within 5 - 10 min, after the callbacks were announced, they were posted for all to see. And the results have always been posted right after the announcements. In fact, there have been some Nationals, where the people reading the information on the web, knew information, before the people at the Nationals. 

In just 6 years, <essft.com> has grown, to an average of 900 Visitors a day. Now that is Visitors, not hits. Visitors are One Computer, visiting the site, in a24 hour time frame. During the Nationals, the Visitor count has risen to over2,100 visitors a day. (And during last years National, the 2,100 visitors, 'hit', the site and average of 6 times a day) 

The Top Pages, have Always Been: The "Dates" page, The "Results" Page, and the "Show or Field" Page. During the Nationals, they are the Pages associated with the Nationals. 

Advertising, in a limited amount was added to <essft.com> to help defray the expenses of keeping the information on line. Advertising plays a very small role in the web site, and this web site is certainly not a 'money maker'. But your ads, keep, this web site up and running. 

Mary and Nadine, Will Keep the purpose of <essft.com> alive. And that first and foremost purpose is to Inform! Dates, Results, Nationals, will All be kept forefront in your quest for knowledge of what is happening in the ESS world. 

I will stay on board for a while in an advisory position. But this 'baby' is now in very capable hands. 

I want to thank all of you, for all the Kudos, you have given to <essft.com> and to all the Club Secretaries, FTC's, Interclub Chairs, National Committees, for all the information, Dates, Results, you have posted to <essft.com> throughout the years. And for the ads which all of you have sent in, which keep <essft.com> alive. 

And I sincerely hope you extend, Nadine and Mary the very same courtesy, you have extended me over the years, by supplying them with the same information. 

Tom Radde Tom@TomRadde.com 

For ESS Information, go to Web Site: 
http://www.essft.com or E-Mail: ess@essft.com 

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