Personal Info
This site <essft.com> 
Will NEVER  Spam you. 

When you sign up for a 'free'  ad,  or  'Register' on a site, 
that site has collected,  your valid E-mail, Name, Address, and Phone Number. 
Then, MOST, of those sites,  SELL  that information!
That personal information about you, is Big Money.

Think About It,  A "Free" Ad  ? 
If someone, 'gives' you a 'free' ad, 
What are they getting in return?
They are getting YOUR, 
E-mail, Mail, Phone, Address, 
and they  SELL  it  !!!!!


It has come to the attention of <essft.com> that in some cases, a site has used <essft.com> in the subject line and or header, to give you the ilusion that <essft.com> has sent you mail, advertisments, or forwarded your name on. 

That Is Not The Case!   <ESSFT.COM>   Will Never Spam You !


It is so unfourtunite that honisty and ethics, are so far behind the 'gaining of the almighty dollor'.  We see this in a Presdent of the US that said: "I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman". We see that in a company call Enron. We see that in Judges for an Olympic event. We see it in local affairs, poiticks, business, and even in our hobbies & clubs. 

<essft.com> (as most web sites), has the capability of capturing your e-mail when you visit this site. <essft.com> will NEVER do that. <essft.com> will NEVER ask you to 'regester'. <essft.com> will NEVER sell your e-mail address listed on ads.

<essft.com>  Charges you, for an ad. It is a small amount, considering the return, the ads get on <essft.com> .  But we 'charge' you for an ad. 
It is Up Front. 
We do not 'pretend' to be a nice guy by giving you a 'free' ad, 
then stab you in the back by SELLING your personal information. 
 Rate Sheet For <essft.com>

Ways to avoid SPAM. 

Get a 'free' e-mail account, with one of the top search engines. Whenever you 'sign up' or 'regester' with a site, to place a 'free' ad, use that 'other' e-mail address. DON'T use your 'real' e-mail address.  Also NEVER put in your correct phone number. Use your Fax number, or make something up. (That number is also sold).  Do not put in your 'correct' postal address.   Look very carefully over the page for a check box, 
"I  Want to recieve offerings from this or other companies"
This is always set to default, "YES". 

Your E-Mail Settings
I don't know about AOL, but If you use, "MS Outlook" Or "Netscape",  You can  'filter' e-mails. Read the instructions for both, you can set up a filter, or message rule, so that when 'that' address sends you e-mail, it will go right to the Trash folder.

How SPAMmers SPAM You

SPAMmers have a variety of tricks to get around filters and blacklists. Here are some of them.

Spoofing and hijacking - SPAMmers either place an innocent email address as the sender or hijacks an email address and routes their SPAM through there. 

Polymorphic SPAM - this is when SPAMmers use slightly different varieties of the same SPAM to get around header recognition filters or insertion of random characters into the message to confuse filters. 

Server jumping and hijacking - vulnerable servers can be hijacked and used as SPAM machines. SPAMmers can also switch servers once they've been blocked. At times, SPAMmers switch servers even before they can be blocked. 

Email harvesting - SPAMmers are always on the lookout for valid email addresses posted on the Internet. 

Directory harvest attacks - entire legitimate mailing lists can be compromised and given to SPAMmers once a server has been hacked. 

Dictionary attacks - basically a guessing game where SPAMmers note which addresses accepted email when a domain is alphabetically shotgun-blasted with SPAM. 

Trading information - SPAMmers trade their information among each other and cooperate on a level legitimate firms almost never do. Once you give your address to a SPAMmer, the whole SPAM community will know about it. 

Old fashioned lying - still a favorite among SPAMmers and can be found in all the deceptive subject lines and come-ons they use. Also found on all the websites they use to dupe people into giving them their email address. 

The bottom line is that SPAMmers aren't just lowlife scum out for a buck. They're very intelligent, capable, dedicated and talented lowlife scum out for a buck. 

Think about what can happen,
Before, you sign up for a "Free" listing. 
Or 'Register' on a site.

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