There are Many People, and Many Dogs,
that have touched our lives.

These pages are here to bring tribute to those People and Dogs.

“ No One, Is Really Ever Gone or Forgotten,
As Long As They Are Remembered”

On the left, you will see, a link to ‘People” and to ‘Dogs”.

These are the People and Dogs in the English Springer Spaniel,
Field Trial Community which everyone knew, or if they did not get the chance to know, can now know them through their eulogy.

These People listed, remind us that all our lives are precious, and they are too short. And, if there is just one thing that we can learn from the example of those that have passed on before us, it will be a worthwhile endeavor.

So, Right now, for those People, who you Love, give them a Hug.
Hold them, and think how wonderful your life is with them.

As to our dogs, which ‘we’ know, will live a shorter life,
it saddens us greatly when we see their life ebb.
But it strengthens us, in our care for the next Canine Companion
So right now, just reach over and give your ESS a hand, and say, “good dog”.


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