A Few 'Field Bred' ESS's

doing their stuff!

Finding Flushing Retrieving




Training at Linda Simon's October 2004


The one who started it all 
"Gemini Rooster Raiser Reo" 
O/H Tom Radde

Gemini Rooster Raiser Reo  (She Started it all) 


Ariel Standing Ariel Standing Ariel Standing AFC Ariel Rooster Raiser Reo


O/H Tom Radde
Port Questing Reo's Bacchus Port Port Standing
"PORT"  Reo's Bacchus O/H  Craig  Chilstrom
Libby Flushing Libby Flushing Libby Flushing

"LIBBY"  Bluff Creeks Liberty 

O/H Linda Simon

   Now, That's a Flush!

Dani Flushing Chariot's Danielle JV Ann Dani Dani Flushing
"Dani"  Chariot's Danielle JV Ann 
O/Kevin Rutherford/Mary Kemper H/Kevin Rutherford
Photo, L to R, back row; 
Diane, Craig, Dan, Kevin, Mary (the one who took all the photos) front row; Linda, Tom 
Taken January 1st 1998, (New years Day In Minnesota, after training! )
A group of Minnesota'ens, training in the winter Good Friends 
     Good Dogs 
          Good Times 
That's what it is all about
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Pigeon Coop Project
Iowa Hunting Weekend

1905 Postcard from Canada

1905 Postcard, of a Spaniel, from Canada
Dear Papa, 
What do you think of this for a dog?  This is one of Waldren's cards they 
say here Mr. McLappan goes with Nell Mckay one of Norman McKay's, younger 
than Jessie.  We may call in the bank today.   Willie
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