Bird Dog Hall of Fame Inductees
February 12, 2005
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2005 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Photos (below)
Robert McLean
Dr Chris Christensen
Ben Martin
CNFC FC AFC Marshfield Tagger
Owner:  Les Girling

Owner:  Frank O'Grady

Replica of NFC Micklewood Scud Statue

Tennesse Trials

Scud replica
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Scud Statue

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from Howard Gallas

2005 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony by Marshall  "Jim" Lightfoot

On Saturday February 12th the new inductees into the Bird Dog “Field Trial” Hall of Fame took place at the National Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, Tenn. There was a wonderful crowd of between 300 and 400 people.

Due to another commitment I personally did not attend the morning session that honored the Retrievers and Brittany’s, but arrived in time for the luncheon Courtesy of Purina. The afternoon session started at 2:30 p.m. with the induction of two Pointer/Setter individuals first T. Jack Robinson who I thought gave a magnificent speech followed by Federal Judge Lee R. West who if possible was even better. After his acceptance speech the Judge presented the Hall two items, one a book that he had written and a large picture of one of his dogs that people had been staring at for over an a hour because it had two holes in it. Everyone was curious as what the holes represented. It looked like the dog was looking out through one of the holes and the other hole was a few inches above his straightened tail. Come to find out, the judge’s office was across the street from the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City that Timothy McVey bombed on April 19, 1995 killing 168 people. The judge lost his Secretary and a Law Clerk to the bombing and the dog picture was hanging on the wall in the judge’s office and the two holes are from shattered glass that punctured the picture. The judge decided not to repair the painting but wanted it to remind us to remember the Oklahoma City attack.

The Spaniel inductees were next and what an act to follow but I tried. I showed the assembled our BRONZE REPLICA of “2X NFC MICKLEWOOD SCUD” and told them that the big statue was in the making and that the statue would sit outside across from the “SNAKEFOOT” statue. We inducted Mr. Robert McLean, Pennsylvania, Dr. Chris A. Christensen of Oregon and Mr. Ben. A. Martin of Ohio. The two dogs were both born in the U.S.A. but owned and handled by Canadians. FC/CNFC/ AFC Marshfield Tagger, O/H: Les Girling and 2X CNFC/ CFC/ AFC Tara VI, O/H: Frank O’Grady. Everyone seemed to have a good time and the newcomers could not believe how nice the Hall of Fame Museum is.

Marshall “JIM” Lightfoot
ESS HOF Committee Chair

Also from Jim.   Mrs. Sylvia Lane deceased wife of Richard M. Lane (HOF class 2002) was presented with a "Life Patron Membership" plaque. The plaque will hang on the wall in the Bird Dog Museum honoring Sylvia for her dedication to our sport. This is a well deserved award and I was proud to accept it in Sylvia's name.

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Mr Robert McLean, Pennsylvania - no representation for Mr McLean

Janet and Lynn Christensen for Dr. Chris Christensen (Oregon)
photo by Paul Ruppert

Mr Ben A Martin (Ohio) and wife, Rita
photo by Paul Ruppert

FC CNFC AFC Marshfield Tagger O/H:  Les Girling
Accepted by Jim Lightfoot
photo by Florence Giles

Tara VI

2x CNFC CFC AFC Tara VI, O/H:  Frank O'Grady and wife, Bonnie
photo by Paul Ruppert
Judge Lee R West painting
David Smith, Executive Director of the Bird Dog Museum
Federal Judge Lee
R West's picture with holes it in from the bombing (can you see one?)  The picture was damaged in 1995 during the Murrah federal building bombing.  Judge West's office was across the street.  Photo by Florence Giles

Hall of Fame 2005 all inductess

Frank O'Grady, Janet Christensen, Ben Martin and Jim Lightfoot
Photo by Florence Giles
Archives committee
ESSFTA and ESSFTA Foundation Archives Committee members Jim Lightfoot, Howard Gallas, David Hopkins, Edd Roggenkamp , Connie Kieckhefer and Beverly Lightfoot (not a member but always there for support).  Behind the camera  is Florence Giles, committee chairperson.  Edd Roggenkamp is the ESSFTA representative on the Bird Dog Foundation board and a former member of the Archives Committee.  For more information on the Archives committee click here.  Photo by Florence Giles

Scud statue
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These replicas are available through adbance subscriptins at $350 apiece.  The subscription period willend on June 30, 2005, at which time the number of limited edition replicas will be set. 
The Archives Committee strongly suggests that you make your purchase soon.
The Archives Committee consists of Bobby Cacchio, Howard Gallas, Florence Giles (Chair), Randy Hamblin, Nancy Johnson, Connie Kieckhefer, David Hopkins and Jim Lightfoot. Back to Bird Dog Hall of Fame
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Announcement  "First EVER Tennesse Trials"

As many of you know there has been talk of holding a couple of AKC field trials in the Grand Junction, Tennessee area to help get a good crowd for the “Micklewood Scud” statue dedication and the 2006 Hall of Fame inductees ceremony which is scheduled for February 11, 2006. All’s well that ends well: We are going to hold two trials the first on Wednesday, February 8, 2006 OPEN and PUPPY (only). Second one Thursday and Friday February 9/10, 2006 with regular stakes, OPEN, AMATEUR and PUPPY.

This will be a first ever in Tennessee and if the scenting is like it was in its neigh state of Arkansas “LOOK OUT CHARLIE”. GET YOUR DOGS READY AND COME JOIN US FOR A GOOD TIME> MORE INFORMATION LATER>