from Bird Dog Foundation Executive Director Tonya Brotherton
February 6, 2016 write up

A Life Patron Award was given to me (Mary Kemper) by Bev Matthews and the Parent Club (ESSFTA)
Thank you so much!  
Click here for more information how your club can honor someone with the Life Patron Award

Dean and Cathy
Tom Meyer

  2016 - FC AFC Raintree's Sassy Lady
Owners Dean A Reinke and Catherine L Lewis

  2016 - Tom Meyer
with his wife Marlene


   Tom Meyer and family
Dean and Tom

  Dean Reinke, Ray Cacchio, Tom Meyer and John Meyer


   Tom and John Meyer

A club or person may honor someone (living or deceased) with the Life Patron Award or Memorial Patron Award
 by submitting their name to the HOF committee (listed below) or directly to the Bird Dog Museum (Tonya Brotherton).
 A picture and bio is submitted to the Bird Dog Foundation, along with payment. The club or person is also responsible
for paying pays the fee for two plaques, one for the Bird Dog Hall of Fame and one for the person to keep.  
Additional plaques may be requested for a small fee.

In 2014 Pat Bramwell, Marie Langhans and Sharon Mueller were honored with the Life Patron Award for their
dedication to our sport.  2014 HOF inductees and Life Patron Awards

Dean Reinke gave me great introduction with his complimentary speaking style and knowledge of the springer and retriever audience.
Everything was great until I walked up, turned to face the audience and saw all the springer people standing up.  I almost lost it then.
What an honor!  
Thank you all for being there!
Thank you Bev Matthews and the ESSFTA!



The Hall of Fame Nominating Committee:
 Bev Matthews, Chairman
  John Hall
 Mike Wallace
 Bob Bullard
 Mhari Peschel
 Jess Sekey
 Ray Cacchio