Report from Sept. 9 to Dec. 22, '01 
Totals:  383,030 Hits - 70,518 Visitors  
792 Visitors per day  
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<> The Largest,  
The most Seen and Recognized 
Field Bred ESS Site on the Internet! 
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This Site, Does NOT advertise to Retriever, Pointer, Hound dog people,  
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This site will  NEVER  ask you to "Sign Up" or "Register". 
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Here is some more info on 'SPAM" 
This Site, is fast and easy to load, and easy to navigate, regardless of the speed of your computer. We at <> think that you, getting the information you want, is Much More important that hype and glitter.
This Site, Was the FIRST  to give you a up-to-date National information. Reporting in 1996 to newsgroups from the field, the up to the minute call backs.  To the first Full fledged web site in 1999 devoted to just the Nationals. With from the field up to the minute call backs. This site, has Established the Standard of Web Reporting for National Field Trials. 
This Site, HAS, the track record.  
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Thank you

This is Just a random Report, for a  Off Season time,  
8/20/02 to 8/25/02  -  6 Days 
Remember, the "Visitors" are Individual people
Page Views
Tue  8/20
Wed  8/21
Thu  8/22
Fri  8/23
Sat  8/24
Sun  8/25
Average Per Day 
For  Off Season:


A "Visitor" report, for the Just 2001 ESS Nationals, Time period.
A 'visitor' is a computer which has looked at the site, once in a 24 hour time period. After changing servers, my new reporting software records you when you first visit, it time stamps your visit, if you visit again within 24 hours, it will Not record you as another visitor. If you visit after 24 hours, it will record you as another visitor. Keep that in mind when you look at these numbers. These numbers, are separate people, (Computers) each day.  
2001 National Amateur
2001 National Open
Now many of you said, "But I visited your site several times each day, to see Call Backs". 
Yes, that number is reflected also. For example, on 12/9 the day of the placements of the Nat Amateur, 1992 "Visitors" were at the site, and for that day, and that page alone, there was 8,565 'Hits' 
meaning that each person looked at that page  an average of  4.3  times during that 24 hours. 
"Where do you want YOUR ad?"

From: Sept. 9, 2001  to  Dec. 22, 2001
Total Visitors    70,518 
Total Pageviews    99,665 
Total Hits   383,030 
Average Visitors Per Day   792 
 Average Pageviews Per Day   1,119 
Average Hits Per Day   4,303 
 Average Length of Visit   465sec 
(Over 7 minutes)
Top 10 Pages:
index.html (Main Page)
2001nat/01nat.html (Both Nat. Info Page)
forsale.html (Pups For Sale Page)
2001nat/openro.html ( Nat Open)
2001nat/amro.html (Nat Amateur)
results.html (Weekend F.T. Results)
breeder.html (List of ESS "Field" Breeders)
fieldshow.html (The Difference between the 
'show' & 'Field' ESS)
alldates.html (List of upcoming F.T.Dates)
books/book.html (List of ESS Books)


What does this all mean! 
Well it means that in, Just,  the last Three months, there have been 383,030 hits 
That's 127,766 hits PER Month!!! 
That's 792 VISITORS  Per Day !!! 
That's 93% MORE visitors on <> 
Than it's closest competitor
And these are People, who have, or many want, a ESS.  Some may  FT or  HT, or  Hunt, they are are Mostly  ESS People!  Not just 'web surfers' which you get from 'banner' ads. 
   (Touting banner ads, is just  internet "HYPE" .  It is a false way of just 'upping' your numbers.  
   It has NO real meaning as to  the number of people,  who are truly interested in your site, which visit your site) 
The figure, of 792 per day, above, is the  daily average of "Individual or Unique Computers"  number.   And that does not record the number of ads and information, that one person prints off, and passes to the training or hunting buddies.  
Bottom line, <>  Has the people,  it has the proof,  it has the results! 
It has the current, up-to-date ESS-FT Dates, and current up-to-date links to HT Dates. 
And the current up-to-date ESS-FT Results, and current up-to-date links to HT Results. 
And, up-to-date, current, ESSFTA (Parent Club) Information.  And National FT Information.
Each visitor  spent an average of over SEVEN Minuets on the site. 7 Minutes. That, in Internet time, is a LOT of time.  
So, Advertise on <> the Number One,  
ESS FIELD BRED Site.    With the Statistics to PROVE,  
it is seen by 93% MORE ESS people,  than it's closest competitor.
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Mary Kemper or Nadine Kohn
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