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Urban Gun Dogs: 
Training Flushing Dogs In An Urban Environment 
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   Early pre-reviews are touting it as the newest, most innovative idea in 20 years as a dog training book.
 Hup! : Training Flushing Spaniels the American Way
by James B. Spencer  (Currently Out Of Print, but a reprinting is planned)
 NEW Re-Print  Is Now Here
For a newcomer to Flushing dogs, or Flushing dog training, this is a very good start. Spencer starts with the basics, and explains the details. (With no assumed knowledge). If you have only one Flushing dog training book, this is the one it should be.  (See Review, SITF, Spring 1994)
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Living With Dogs :
Collecting and Traditions, at Home and Afield 
List Price: $50.00  -   Our Price: $35.00 -  You Save: $15.00 (30%)
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours. 
Hardcover - 240 pages 1 Ed edition (April 1999) 

If you live with dogs, this book, about living with Springers, 
and, designing a house to accommodate those Springers, 
is well worth a read!

 Gun-Dog Training : Spaniels and Retrievers 
by Kenneth C. Roebuck (Out Of Print)

If "HUP" is your first book, this should be your second. Roebuck also explained the details, but in some areas goes into a bit more depth on subjects.And as always it is an excellent idea to have as many views as possible on a subject, to be able to try different things, and develop you own training methods.

 The New Complete English Springer Spaniel 
by Julia F. Gasow, Edward K. Roggenkamp 
Yes, that is a Show Bred dog on the cover. But this is a two part book. The second part, is about the Field Bred ESS, and it is worthwhile information. Edd Roggenkamp is a well respected Field Trialer, and is currently the President of the ESSFTA. Edd uses references to assumed knowledge in his recently re-written Field portion of this book, but if you have trained a ESS, or read the first two books, this will put you a bit further along the path to a superbly trained Flushing dog, that would be competitive in Field Trials & Hunt Tests, or just blow the socks off your Hunting buddies. 
(See Review, SITF, Summer 1994)
 Gun Dog : Revolutionary Rapid Training Method 
by Richard A. Wolters 
This book is a 'love it or hate it' book. The main complaint about Wolters books is that he trains by a timetable, at 7 weeks you do this, at 8 weeks you do this, at 9 weeks you do this, many people have gotten frustrated when the dog they are training does not live up to the time table in this book. If you don't get hung-up on the timetable, Wolters has some super training tips. Keep in mind, "Gun Dog" is about a Pointer, so don't train your Flusher to Point, but his methods of teaching, come, sit, stay, housebreaking, jumping on humans, can all be applied to 'Flushing' dog training very easily.
 The Art of Raising a Puppy
by New Skete Monks 

Nothing here about Flushing training. But for an unique insight into 'dogs', especially if you have never had a dog before. This would be your first book, than "HUP" to work into the Flushing Training.

 How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend : A Training Manual for Dog Owners 
by New Skete Monks 

More of above, and more detail. Of course to have a successful Flushing Dog to Hunt with or to Compete with, you must first have a successful dog to live with.

 A Rough-Shooting Dog : Reflections from Thick and Uncivil Sorts of Places 
by Charles Fergus, Joe Fornelli (Illustrator) 

A story, about a mans first ESS. You might pick up a training tip, but that is not the point. The point is, this is just a very good book to read, and it's about a ESS!

 English Springer Spaniel Champions : Show & Field, 1952-1981
by Jan Linzy Pata 


 English Springer Spaniel Champions : Show & Field, 1982-1986 
by Jan Linzy 


 Training Spaniels
 by Joe Irving 
One of the great pieces of advice that Mr. Irving gives us, which we all are guilty of doing, is to resist;  "...the temptation to get it on..." as well as his psychological approach to training dogs. Mr. Irving reminds us all that training a dog is not a difficult task, if you understand the dog, and he shows us how to understand the dog. 
(See Review, SITF, Fall 1994)
The Body Language and Emotion of Dogs : 
A Practical Guide to the Physical and Behavioral Displays 
Owners and Dogs Exchange and How to Use Them
                     by Myrna M., D.V.M. Milani 
                                  List Price: $13.00 
                                  Our Price: $10.40 
                                  You Save: $2.60 (20%)
Dog Problems : A Professional Trainer's Guide to Preventing and Correcting Aggression, Destructiveness, Housebreaking Problems, Excessive Barking, Dogfights, Tugging, Jumping, Shyness, Stealing, Begging, Car Chasing, Fear Biting, Object Guarding, 
and much,much more .           by Carol Lea Benjamin 
List Price: $14.95   Our Price: $11.96 You Save: $2.99 (20%)
Training and Explaining : 
How to Be the Dog Trainer You Want to Be
                    by Job Michael Evans 
                                  List Price: $25.00 
                                  Our Price: $17.50 
                                  You Save: $7.50 (30%)
English Springer Spaniel :
An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet 
(Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet) 
                     by Carol Callahan, Don Callahan, Debbie Ritter 
"On The Line With English Springer Spaniels" (Video Tape)
This is a Professionally produced video showing exactly what is expected of a trained, Hunting dog, Hunt Test dog, or Field Trial dog
The purchase of this tape, will show you exactly what is happening in the Field, and it is a necessary complement to any of the books listed above.   To Order; 
Send a check or money order made payable to ESSFTA, for $22.95 
to: ESSFTA %Julie Hogan, 9929 lake Jackson Drive, Manassas, VA, 22111 
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 More Shotguns and Shooting 
                     by Michael McIntosh, Bruce Langton (Illustrator) 
                     List Price: $30.00 
                     Our Price: $21.00 
                     You Save: $9.00 (30%)
Best Guns 
                     by Michael McIntosh 
                                   List Price: $35.00 
                                   Our Price: $24.50 
                                   You Save: $10.50 (30%)
The Gun Review Book 
                     by Michael McIntosh 
                                  List Price: $15.95 
                                  Our Price: $12.76 
                                  You Save: $3.19 (20%)
Shotguns and Shooting : A Celebration of the Gun 
                     by Michael McIntosh, Eldridge Hardie (Illustrator), Gene Hill 
                     List Price: $30.00 
                     Our Price: $21.00 
                     You Save: $9.00 (30%)
Fine Gunmaking, Double Shotguns 
                     by Steven Dodd Hughes 
                                    List Price: $34.95 
                                    Our Price: $24.47 
                                    You Save: $10.48 (30%)
Churchill Method of Instinctive Wingshooting
for Game and Sporting Clays 
                     by Robert Churchill, MacDonald Hastings 
                     List Price: $30.00 
                     Our Price: $21.00 
                     You Save: $9.00 (30%)
Spanish Best : The Fine Shotguns of Spain 
                     by Terry Wieland 
                     List Price: $45.00 
                     Our Price: $31.50 
                     You Save: $13.50 (30%)
Game Gun 
                     by Richard S. Grozik 
                                   List Price: $39.00 
                                   Our Price: $27.30 
                                   You Save: $11.70 (30%)
Lock, Stock, & Barrel : 
Making an English Shotgun 
and Shooting With Consistency 
                     by Cyril S. Adams, Robert Braden 
                                  List Price: $24.95 
                                  Our Price: $17.47 
                                  You Save: $7.48 (30%)
The Best Shotguns Ever Made in America 
                     by Michael McIntosh     (Out Of Print)
The Best Shotguns Ever Made in America :
Seven Vintage Doubles to  Shoot and to Treasure 
                     by Michael. McIntosh   (Out Of Print)
Browning Superposed : 
John M. Browning's Last Legacy 
                     by Ned Schwing                List Price: $49.95 
                     Our Price: $34.97               You Save: $14.98 (30%)
The Orvis Wing-Shooting Handbook : 
Proven Techniques 
for Better Shotgunning 
                     by Bruce Bowlen 
Wing Shooting Lead 
                     by Emmitt J. Nelson 
I Just bought this book, and for those people, who just have to know all the infinitive details of how the shot pattern behaves, this book has it all.  Tom R.
Shotgunning : The Art and the Science 
                     by Bob Brister 
                                  List Price: $18.95 
                                  Our Price: $13.27 
                                  You Save: $5.68 (30%) 
(If you only have one shotgun book, 
this should be the one)
Shotgunner : Reflections on Birds, Guns, and Dogs 
                     by Christopher Smith (Illustrator), Steve Smith 
                                  Our Price: $29.95
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