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2004 National Open Championship 
November 28 -December 2, 2004 
McPherson Kansas 
 First Place
 G and D Prince Edward - Don & Joanne Mock/Gary Breitbath
 Second Place
 AFC Highlander's Robb Roy - Don & Trisha Bramwell/Marty Knibbs
 Third Place
 FC Kingswoods Paige - George Hamm Jr/Billy Akkouris
 Fourth Place
 FC Sunrise Gypsy Girl - David Morse/Gary Wilson
 Best Amateur Handler
 Jeff Miller
Guns Awards
 Clarburgh Eclipse of Ladencourt  - Vicky Thomas/Paul McGagh
 Certificate of Merit
 Blackriver's Gage - Jeff Miller
 Certificate of Merit
 Hackers Gunner  - Keith Hacker/Gary Breitbarth
 Certificate of Merit
 Clarburgh Eclipse of Ladencourt - Vicky Thomas/Paul McGagh
 Certificate of Merit
 Tai Rhone Evans  - Cathy Lewis & Dean Reinke/Cathy Lewis
 Certificate of Merit
 FC AFC Bandit's Razzle Dazzle - Tom & Debbie Schoene/Tom Schoene

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NFC 2004  2nd NOC 
New NFC G and D Prince Edward              2nd Place AFC Highlander's Robb Roy  

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NOC 3rd Place
       3rd Place FC Kingswooks Paige

4th NOC  CM Paul NOC 2004  
4th Place
FC Sunrise Gypsy Girl           Guns & CM Clarburgh Eslipse of Ladencourt  

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CM NOC 2004 Gary B
    CM 2004 NOC Jeff Miller
          CM Hackers Gunner                           CM Backriver's Gage-Best Amateur

 CM NOC 2004 Cathy Lewis    CM NOC 2004 Tom Schoene
  CM Tai Rhone Evans                                 CM FC AFC Bandit's Razzle Dazzle

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