2002 National Running Order
Mhari Peschel  -  National Field Trial Secretary
2002 National Page
2002 Qualified Dogs
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Start / 136
2nd / 112
3rd / 72 dogs
4th / 48
5th / 23
Water / 19
Notes:  A " X " if dog ran in first, or a " S " if dog was scratched.  Dogs marked with a " X " are called back dogs. 
Estimation, call-backs for 2nd, Monday evening, after 4:30 PM, if Judges finished with all 1st series dogs on Monday.  (All times posted will be CST, Mpls Mn)
Sun Nite, Open Delegates meeting Notes: Judges for 2003, Bob Bullard / Bob Child; 
Points  for Qualification for 2003, 1, vote was 29/12;  
Entry Fee for 2002,  $200.00; Vote was 22/18; 
2003 Pres: Frank Mackanson, 2004 Jim DeVoll, 2005 Rob Barlow.  Meeting started 5:30 - 7:15. 2003 Nat Open, held Near Altona PA, (near Pittsburgh Airport) Nov. 8th, Ramada Inn, 70.00 a room,   Lots of discussion on items. Full report will be in Minuets Published on this page. 
Stopped at 5:15 PM  Mon. with dog 100, start at Tues Morning 7:30 AM.
Tues. Finished 1st, about Noon. First 100 dog, Call backs for second were right away, got call backs for rest of dogs, by 2PM
Wed. Finished 2nd, at 12:30 PM, Moved 10 miles, 3rd Callbacks at 1:45, Started 3rd, at 2:00 PM
Wed. Stopped at 4:45PM, with dog 61 -  Start Thurs Morning with # 62
Finished 3rd at 11:15 AM, 4th Call Backs at Noon.
5th Call Backs, picked up at other hotel at 8PM  Start 5th land Fri morning. Then to water.
19 called to Water.  Placements will go up first, the other stuff, it's now 5:15 
Put Placements on first, now getting other stuff on. 
Fri, Morning started 5th land 8:30, Started Water at 1PM, Finished at 3:15, Placements were to be announced at 4:30, 5:10 Placements finished, and posted here at 5:20.  Thank You, to all the workers !!!!!! Placement Photos On !
Dog # Handler Dog Call 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th W Place
1 Bill Boeckman Sand Creek's Connie's Cassie Cassie  X  X          
2 Ben Martin FC CFC Samantha's Loyal Flush Sam  X  X          
3 Vasilios (Billy) Akkouris Quail Hollow's Annie Annie  X  X          
4 Jeff Brooks Pride N' Joy's Just Standing In JH Proxy  X            
5 Dan Langhans FC Dansmirth's Leader Leader  X  X X  X  X  X  
6 Gary Wilson LaRock's Sport Sport  X  X          
7 Eric Adams Sunnybrae Smut Brae   X  X  X      
8 Mark Hairfield Senrob's Razmataz Taz  X          
9 Archie Hendrick Upcountry's Lighthouse Amos Amos  X          
10 Jim DeVoll FC Grandview's Max-A-Million Max  X  X        
11 Tim DeGroff FC Denalisunflo's Drive Teaser  X  X        
12 Bill Boeckman Bridgewater's Highwayman Jesse  X  X  X  X  X 3 rd Place 
13 Ben Martin FC Denalisunflos Jumper Jump  X  X  X      
14 Vasilios (Billy) Akkouris FC Kingswoods Paige Paige  X  X        
15 Jeff Brooks FC Copper Creek Monty Copper  X  X  X  X    
16 Dan Langhans Pine Ridge Macy Macy  X  X        
17 Robert Sansom CFC Winterwinds Diamond Lilli Lilli  X          
18 Gary Wilson Sunrise Riverboat Gambler Bingo  X            
19 Eric Adams Brackenbuster Chopper Chopper  X            
20 Mark Hairfield FC The Mad Mav of Wise River Maverick  X            
21 Brian Sonier FC AFC Sonier's Endless Vacation Trip  X            
22 Jim DeVoll Denalisunflos Tailer Tailer  X  X  X  X  X  
23 Bill Boeckman Sand Creek's King Charles Charlee  X  X  X      
24 Ben Martin Jimmy's Mayberry Kid Opie  X          
25 Vasilios (Billy) Akkouris FC Shimmering Beasty Beasty  X  X  X  X  X  
26 Jeff Brooks FC Tridon's Kansas Pride'N Joy Kansas  X          
27 Dan Langhans FC Dansmirth's National Forrest Forrest  X  X  X      
28 Tim DeGroff FC Denalisunflo's Tim Tim  X          
29 Randy Curtis FC AFC CFC Sumner Kaysee Kaysee  X            
30 Casey Sajdak NFC FC AFC Mountain Evens Raeve Rave  X  X  X  X    
31 Gary Wilson FC Pride'N Joy's Just For Kix Kix  X  X        
32 Mark Hairfield Wise River's MacDougal Doogie  X            
33 Jim DeVoll B's Flashy Pheasant Flusher Flash  X          
34 Bill Boeckman FC Sand Creek's Sarsaparilla Sassy  X            
35 Ben Martin CNFC FC Brandy's Big Ben Benny  X  X        
36 Vasilios (Billy) Akkouris FC Baskwoods Shimmering Surprise Archie  X  X  X  X  X  
37 Jeff Brooks Sandy Hill's Beau Geste Digby  X  X  X      
38 Dan Langhans Dansmirth's Merry Sue Suzy  X  X        
39 Eric Adams Geno-Jay Le Roi King  X          
40 Chad Betts Windrift's Black Diamond MH Diamond  X          
41 Randy Curtis NFC FC Denalisunflos Ring Ring  S            
42 Mark Hairfield Southaven Super Sleuth Dick  X  X  X      
43 Jim DeVoll Denalisunflos MaryLou MaryLou  X          
44 Gary Wilson Sunrise Molly Molly  X  X        
45 Bill Boeckman FC Sand Creek's Bailey Bailey  X  X  X      
46 Ben Martin Rives Rooesvelt Theo Rooesvelt  X            
47 Vasilios (Billy) Akkouris FC AFC Shimmering Aries Warrior Aries  X  X  X      
48 Jeff Brooks Mason Dixon Rebel Fred  X  X  X  X  X CM 
49 Dan Langhans AFC Autumn Breeze Bree  X  X  X  X  X  
50 Tim DeGroff Denalisunflos Sol Sol  X          
51 Edward Faraci FC AFC Raintree's Lazarus Rush  X          
52 Randy Curtis Denalisunflos El Diablo Devil  X  X        
53 Mark Hairfield AFC Hope of Amberle Amber  X  X  X      
54 Jim DeVoll Damrie's Gemini Two Express Gem  X  X  X  X  X  
55 Ken Willis FC CFC Gina of Saradynpark Gina  X  X        
56 Bill Boeckman FC Sand Creek's Annie's Abbey Abbey  X  X  X      
57 Ben Martin Denalisunflo's Woodson Woody  X          
58 Vasilios ( Billy) Akkouris Baskwoods Dolly Madison Dolly  X            
59 Dan Langhans Autumn's Granite Mountain Granite  X            
60 Gary Breitbarth or Ray Razzano FC AFC Our Pal Joe Joe  X  X  X      
61 Gary Wilson Sunrise Gypsy Girl Gyp  X  X  X      
62 Marty Knibbs CFC Expressway's Flashy Splashndash Dash  X  X  X  X  X  
63 Edward Faraci Mountain View's Luna Luna  X          
64 Randy Curtis Denalisunflos Brat Brat  X  X  X  X    
65 Chad Betts FC Your Rowdy Highness MH Rowdy  X  X  X      
66 Bill Boeckman Sunrise Trailblazer Blaze  X  X  X      
67 Ben Martin Denalisunflos Busy Busy  X  X        
68 Jeff Brooks FC Sunrise Scout Scout  X          
69 Dan or Marie Langhans Dansmirth's Iron Will Will  X            
70 Ken Willis Oak Brook's Rocket Rocket  X  X        
71 Marshall "Jim" Lightfoot FC AFC Sunrise Run Forest Run Gump  X  X        
72 Gary Breitbarth Hearthrock Blaze Blaze  X  X  X  X  X CM 
73 David Lorenz FC Kylebeg Holly Jill  X            
74 Gene Devereaux or Marty Knibbs Stonebroke's High Roller Rusty  X          
75 Debbie Salmons Far Oaks Justa Cruzin Cruzer  X          
76 Randy Curtis Pulpwood Stinging Nettle Nettie  X  X  X  X  X  
77 Bill Boeckman Door Creek Trick or Treat Trixie  X          
78 Ben Martin Tom's Schantzie Schantzie  X  X        
79 Jeff Brooks FC Pride and Joys Field Gryphon Gryphon  X          
80 Dan or Marie Langhans Dansmirth's Lexus Lexus  X  X  X  X  X CM 
81 Edward Faraci Mountain View's Thesaloniki Thes  X  X  X      
82 Richard Siciliano Fallen Wings Buster Brown Buster  X  X  X      
83 Roger Dolliff FC AFC CFC Welshwoods Lady Chatterly Chatty  X            
84 Ken Willis AFC Gamefinders Gunner Gunner  X            
85 Gary Breitbarth FC AFC Ditchbank's Miss Maggie Maggie  X            
86 Marty Knibbs Robinsmoor Frolic Sam  X  X  X      
87 Don Giddens FC AFC Don's Button of Danville Button  X  X        
88 Bill Boeckman FC AFC Door Creek Jake Jake  X            
89 Jeff Brooks FC Smut II Smut  X  X  X  X  X  
90 Francis Prock AFC Thornhill Rook Rookie  X            
91 Dean Reinke or Cathy Lewis Raintree Bonnie Lady Bonnie  X  X  X      
92 David Lorenz FC Yankee's Litl Rebbel Rebel  X  X  X  X  X CM 
93 Esther Faraci AFC Moutain View's Scratches Scratches  X  X  X  X  X 2nd Place, 
Guns Award, 
Best Dog handled by Ama
94 Russ Smith Molly of Westphal Molly  X          
95 Greg Johnson Shadowbark Spirit of Autumn Spirit  X          
96 Hadley Ford AFC Carousel's Luck Pierre Pete  X  X  X      
97 Gary Breitbarth Spring Valley Ruby Ruby  X          
98 Marty Knibbs FTCH Expressway's Good Golly Ms Molly Molly  X  X        
99 Bill Boeckman Sand Creek's Tobias II Toby  X          
100 Jeff Brooks R-Quest What's Up Doc Doc  X          
101 Roger Dolliff AFC CFC Maesydderwen Piccador Buzz  X  X        
102 Chris or Heather Maxcy FC Chap's Wind Dancing Mesa Mesa  X          
103 Jason Math Sand Creek's Speed Lacer Gromit  X          
104 Jeffrey W. Miller  EFTC Sundart Solar Solar  X          
105 Jerry Barrett Denalisunflo's Coffey II Coffey  X  X  X      
106 Dan Lussen Clarburgh Echo Mac  X  X  X  X  X  
107 Joe Barnett AFC Lewiscock Jethro Jet  X          
108 Ray Paolucci or Gary Breitbarth R&B's Samantha Belle Sammy  X  X        
109 John Wright NAFC FC CFC Skaar's Whitlock Warlock Shaman  X            
110 Marty Knibbs CNFC Sunrise Texas Tornado Tex  X  X  X  X    
111 Bill Boeckman Sweet Cal O' Mine Callie  X  X        
112 Hadley Ford AFC Carousel's Luck Be A Lady LuLu  X  X        
113 John Hall Gone with the Wind Tara  X  X  X  X  4th Place
114 Mark Haglin Pine Shadows Whisper Whisper          
115 Paul Black CFC AFC Highlanders Lady Guenivere Guen            
116 Ken Willis NFC AFC Elwood's Jackson Creek Blade Blade  X        
117 Jerry Barrett Denalisunflo's Nailer Nailer          
118 Frank Mackinson FraMac's Regent Haley Haley          
119 Ray Paolucci or Gary Breitbarth Whitewaters West Coast Kidd Kidd  X  X      
120 Mark Hairfield Fern Raider Glenn          
121 Tom Schoene AFC Bandit's Razzle Dazzle Razzle          
122 John Zahorik FC AFC Caegarw Columbus Odie  X  X      
123 Jim Naber NFC FC AFC Eagle Brae's Good Sport Sport  X  X      
124 Russ Verkamp Majars Jody Jody  S            
125 Dan Lussen FC Bar-Dan's Miss Scataway Scat  X            
126 Ray Paolucci or Gary Breitbarth Whirligig Canis Serius Major  X  X  X  X  X 1st Place 
127 Paul Black The Magician Twix  X          
128 Ken Willis Dublin's Brian Baru Dubby  X            
129 Cindy Goode Fawnhaven's Incredible P.A. P.A.  X            
130 Jeff Brooks Pride N'Joys Better and Better Bette  X  X  X      
131 Jim DeVoll Midlands Gun Runner Robbi  X            
132 Russell Smith FC AFC Speed of Westphal Speed  X          
133 Steve Gorrell FC AFC Royal's Reno Reno  X  X  X      
134 Mark Hairfield Marshbrook Viking Buster  X          
135 Paul McGagh Kenzed Earl Kesh  X  X        
136 Dan Lussen AFC Sunrise Seamus of Stuyvesant Seamus  X  X  X  X  X CM 
137 Paul Black Highlanders Duncan McCloud Mac  X  X        
138 Ken Willis Melchris Gallant Fox Vixen  S            
139 Jim Naber Senrob's Zip Code Cody  X  X        
Number of Dogs:
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